Frequently Asked Questions

The main difference between the MAX, Pro, and Lite is the AMD processor.
The MAX uses Ryzen 7 5800u; the Pro, Ryzen 5 5600u; the Lite, Ryzen 3 5300u.

The power brick can be plugged in anywhere from 110-240v AC

Yes. We have tested them to run Linux distributions like Ubuntu Desktop, Linux Mint, and Puppy Linux, without problems. However, due to the vast variety of Linux distros (over 600 active distributions, each with multiple versions), we cannot provide you with installation instructions. You will have to check your distro’s installation guides from their respective forums.

Yes. It can run virtual machines. We have already tested it with a Type-2 hypervisor, Virtual Box, and ran Ubuntu Desktop.

Yes. We have tested it to run Linux distributions like Ubuntu Desktop, Linux Mint, and Puppy Linux. Other Linux distros like Pop!_OS, Fedora, Kali, Zorin, and many others will work.

Yes. You can also purchase higher capacity SSD drives from
Options are 1TB and 2TB 


The SSD used in the XR1 is an NVME M.2

Yes. At the back of the unit is a Gigabit Ethernet port.

Yes, it does. You can connect up to 3 4K (Ultra Hi-Definition) monitors simultaneously. Two at the back using the HDMI ports, and one from the front using the USB-C with DisplayPort.

Yes, we have installed Photoshop on all the XULU XR1 models without any problems.

Yes. The XULU XR1 has 2 microphones located in front of the unit.

Yes, you can run a wide variety of PC games on the XULU XR1. Performance varies greatly on the game’s graphics requirement.

Yes. You can find examples through ETA Prime’s YouTube review of the XULU XR1.

No. As of this writing, it cannot be turned off.

Yes. There’s a 3.5mm speaker-mic port at the front of the unit.

The RAM size on the XR1 varies depending on the model you choose.

Yes. You will want to read up on the instructions or watch the video on how to replace/upgrade the RAM from our official website,

Yes. You can connect USB and bluetooth game controllers of your choice for as long as they are compatible with Windows.

Yes, you can clean the dust shield by either removing the top panel and washing the screen, or using a air spray can.It is the dust that makes it hard for the fan to push air around and through the dust shield, and thus makes noise.

Yes, you need to purchase a license key to activate Windows 11. You may purchase a license key add-on during checkout, or provide your own key.