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Xulu Ergo Mechanical Keyboard

RGB backlight with 16.8 million colors

Transparent acrylic body

Bluetooth programmable mechanical keyboard

With keyboard firmware developed from QMK

Windows/Linux/Mac compatible

Hot swappable key switches

Fit virtually all key caps

70% keyboard size12

CNC precision machining


Xulu Ergo-V Mech Keyboard Layout

Our Ergo-V keyboard’s split layout is built on advanced ergonomic principles, providing a one-of-a-kind typing experience that keeps your wrists and hands straight in a neutral position, enhancing comfort for long typing, editing, or gaming sessions.

  • Xulu Ergo-V Layout
  • Neutral Wrists Alignment
  • Normal Layout
  • Bent Wrists
  • Cross-radial Design

The linear columns of keys mirror the natural motion of your fingers to increase speed and comfort. Its cross-radial design follows the angles between fingers when they speard naturally, keeping your hands in a neutral and comfortable position.

Reach Peak Performance with Thumb Cluster

Our Ergo-V keyboard comes with four thumb keys for backspace, enter, shift, and ctrl in the middle to reduce pinky use with fewer wasted movement, improving your productivity.

  • Stylish and Customizable RGB Backlight
  • With transparent keycaps and see-through acrylic body, the Ergo-V keyboard brings a fantastic RGB backlight shine-through effect to your desk setup, creating a perfect ambience. You can customize its themes with one of the built-in presets or create your own using the full RGB spectrum.
  • Make It Your Own Keyboard

With firmware developed from QMK, you can make the most of your custom key layout, easily program and remap each key to match your preferred typing environment. The Ergo-V keyboard is ready for whatever you need it to do.

Wireless and Wired Modes

Get rid of the cables but keep the speed. Ergo-V keyboard connects with up to 5 devices via Bluetooth for uncluttering desk. It also has wired mode with USB Type-C connection.

Hot-swappable Key switches

Take your keyboard customization to the next level with hot-swappable key switches. Simply pop off the key cap and replace it with another one of your choice.

Works with Windows, Mac, and Linux

The Ergo-V keyboard is 100% compatible with multiple operating systems. No need for special software or customs drivers — just connect it and go!

ergo mechanical keyboard

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