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Xulu BT RGB Mouse

If you are tired of ordinary mouse, our wireless rainbow mouse can be your choice. The better RGB LED light source is adopted. This is a cool 13 different RGB LED lights. You can easily switch the color of RGBLED by pressing the bottom button. It is also the perfect gift for children, girls, boys, students or left-handed users. 13 different colors will change randomly when used to provide soothing lighting and create a cool and unique atmosphere for work and entertainment.


Xulu BT RGB Mouse Description:


Universal compatibility

This wireless mouse can be used with PC laptop tablet with USB port and Type-C port, and runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, Mac OS X 10.4, Chromebook, PS4, PS5, XBOX, etc.

Rechargeable wireless mouse

Built-in rechargeable battery, no need to replace the battery. The special mute design of the left and right buttons will not disturb others. After three minutes of inactivity, the mouse will enter sleep mode. Sleep mode after 10 minutes of inactivity, making the use more lasting.

Ultra quiet clicking

We know your demand for silent mouse, so we reduce the clicking and scrolling noise to 90%, and you can also enjoy the same feeling of clicking. It is very suitable for home, library, student dormitory, office and even travel. Thanks to the excellent ergonomic design, this mouse is comfortably placed on the hand to prevent any possible wrist pain.

No driver and 3 adjustable DPIS

Equipped with a type-C small receiver and a small USB nano receiver (stored on the back of the mouse), just plug it into the computer. 3 adjustable DPI levels (1200/1600/2400) to set your own cursor speed.

Product list:

1 X Wireless RGB mouse (with receiver housing)

1 X Charging cable (without charging head)

1 X USB receiver (in the packaging box)

1 X Type-c receiver (in the packaging box)

It is recommended to use the computer port or 5V1A charging head to charge. The charging indicator is displayed at the bottom in off mode or no light mode.

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